Miguel’s Story of Hope

Imagine, as a parent, not feeling safe when alone with your child because they have severe emotional outbursts. Imagine being confined to your home because these outbursts make you fearful to take your child into the community.

This is how 16-year-old Miguel’s family felt when he would have behavior incidents that included kicking, scratching, and damaging furniture at his family home.

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Lily’s Story of Hope

Imagine watching your beautiful two-year old daughter lose interest in the things she loved doing. Imagine her not reacting when you call her name. Imagine if she stopped looking at you or responding to you altogether.

This was the experience of Lily’s parents before they found Hope.
Lily was soon diagnosed with autism. This explained her echolalia (repetitive speech patterns) and aloofness. She would push her fists into her cheeks, pinch, scratch and pull hair. Lily’s family needed help!

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JP’s Story of Hope

What would you do if your eleven-year old son was asked not to return to school because his extreme behaviors were putting the teachers and other children at risk? Where would you turn for help if your son was so aggressive to his siblings that you had to seclude them in their bedrooms for their own safety?

These are the questions that plagued JP’s parents as they searched for the help and answers they needed!

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