Who are we?

Hope Learning Academy Springfield

Established in 1957, The Hope Learning Academy Springfield has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility for our children to learn and grow with advance technology that fits their needs.

Vocational Academy Program

Hope’s Vocational Program offers real world job training through our award winning Training Center with one of our 22+ community partners. The goal of the program is to prepare our students for the world and to prepare the world for our students.

Residential Academy Program

Currently at Hope, there are on-campus living quarters for our children that might need the most care. Our community residential program currently includes 14 family-style homes. In 2016,  Hope has have committed to moving all of our residential services to the community.

Hope Learning Academy Chicago

Located on Chicago’s near west side, The Hope Learning Academy Chicago is a demonstration school for the responsible inclusion of diverse learners in the general education classroom.  With nearly 400 students in grades K-5, HLAC provides a nurturing environment which students receive an individualized education.

The Autism Clinic

The Autism Clinic at Hope is partnered with The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) in providing care for children diagnosed with Autism. These programs help to increase family access to early diagnosis and appropriate intervention by providing training to educators, early Intervention professionals and medical providers. 


The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (ICPN) is a collaborative effort between Hope and Trinity Services, Inc. ICPN is designed to meet the behavioral and medical needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing significant behavioral and medical challenges.